Frequenty Asked Questions

Will it be free?
Not sure yet - probably not but it certainly won't be expensive. Many hours and many late nights have been put into this project so it'd be nice to get a little return on that effort.
Will it run "insert name of game here"?
Possibly, possibly not. There's no way to know if a program will work until it's tested. Ping me on Twitter to suggest a game.
Will it run Castle of the Wind?
More people have asked about this game than any other so this game will definitely work.
Can I download it now?
Not yet - it's simply too soon. To release it now would probably lead to disappointment and a considerable support burden. That's time better spent on development.
How does it work?
Check out this series of articles.
TL;DR - How does it work?
Win3mu is a high-level emulator. It emulates an 80286 processor and maps any calls the program makes to the Windows API on the equivalent functions in the modern Windows API (and vice versa).
Will it run on OS X and/or Linux?
No. Win3mu relies on Windows as the underlying operating system.
Is it open source, can I contribute?
Thanks, but no thanks. This project was started as a personal challenge/learning exercise. To have others contribute would defeat the purpose right now.
But I really need it now/can I help test it?
People on the mailing list will be given the first opportunity to try it. If you're keen make sure you're registered.


Other questions? Ping me on Twitter